Hello from Crazy RedHead Quilting.  

Home PicWe are located in Newton, Iowa conveniently at 814 1st Avenue East.  We officially opened the doors on June 1st, 2012, but this has been the owner, Laura Jochems, dream for a long time.  The store is already getting rave reviews as being easy to find (only one located in an old church), and for having a wide selection of quilting and embroidery items.

We want to offer quality fabrics for a fair price.  And, of course, we want to share the passion for quality handmade items and our knowledge of quilting and embroidery.  And that is not all that is offered at Crazy RedHead Quilting.  We also offer selected items of quality furniture from our friends at Affected Furniture.  The shop is constantly changing with new items coming in.  The old adage “If you see it today and like it, buy it cause it might not be here tomorrow” certainly applies.

We are running like crazy to get all the other items we want to offer as well – including classes for beginners to more advanced techniques.